So you want to get married?
1. First you need to file "Marriage Intentions." Contact the Town/City Clerk where you live for information. Guidelines in Boston are similar to those in many communities. Here's what to do in Boston. You will pay a fee to the city/town when you file your intentions. NOTE: Prices for a Marriage Certificate vary from city to city. You can shop around, but it's usually best to file in the city or town where you will be living, if you are planning to live in Massachusetts.

2. Three days later, you can pick up your Marriage License. Here are some details, again from the City of Boston.

Don't have three days? You can apply for a "Marriage Without Delay" waiver option. There is generally a fee, and the City Clerk can give you those details. (This is especially helpful if you are visiting Massachusetts for your wedding.)

Certified Marriage Certificates
Before the ceremony is performed, the marriage license is given to the Justice of the Peace. After the ceremony. the JP signs it, records it in a journal, and mails it to the same Town/City Clerk within 10 days.
You obtain a certified copy from Clerk. (Usually the city/town will charge between $5 and $20.)

Here are Boston's guidelines, which are similar to many communities.

Where should I get Married?
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Changing your name
If you are changing your name, be sure to notify the Social Security Administration. Get information online at
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